The media are not toys… they can be entrusted only to new artists, because they are art forms.
(McLuhan, 1954)

PUM was created by Mezcal Unión in partnership with art platform, Salón ACME, and design fair, La Lonja MX. Thoughtfully curated spaces housing top Mexican talent from disciplines in every design field, art and culinary activities that held together the main concept of the event, that was to show top Mexican creativity at its best.

Salón ACME took over the art side of the event, showing exceptional pieces of Mexican emerging artists. These guys are no newbies in Brooklyn’s art scene since last year they just settled ACME Brooklyn (a branch of original Salón ACME in México City). They had their fist show in New York last year which was a complete success and they recently showed at Brussels Art Fair. For the cinematography part, a list of Mexican independent awarded short films were shown thanks to the support of Morelia’s International Film Festival and acclaimed movie “Güeros”, by Alonso Ruizpalacios was no exception there. Design fair La Lonja MX showcased the best of México’s modern design brands that sold household goods, furniture, clothing, accessories and food.

This amazing project wouldn’t have been possible without the work of Supermarket (agency that coordinated PUM). We talked with Diana Prieto and Edouard Clabaux, owners at Supermarket, about the work behind this great event and PUM’s future projects. They were in charge of production, exporting and diffusion for the event. “This time we thought of Brooklyn to be the perfect scenario for the first edition of PUM, but the idea is to have the event in different parts of the US and Europe for future editions” says Edouard.

Almost 2,000 attendees in 3 days housed by this magnificent venue in the heart of Brooklyn, with impeccable logistics and almost 6 months of planning, 40 designers and 19 artists showcasing more than 60 pieces, we can say that everyone involved in PUM really outdid themselves.