The media are not toys… they can be entrusted only to new artists, because they are art forms.
(McLuhan, 1954)

Sebastian Vizcaino
11/08/1983 - Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.
Lives and works in México City.

I studied BFA in Mass Comunications at ITESO (2004-2009). At the age of fourteen years old i had my first collective show with much older artist. In 2008 I won for video category at Xi Festival y Muestra Nacional de Television. I sudied sutidied several courses, from ceramics to iron sculpture to ancient Japanese art. I had individual exhibitions like: Sculpture as a Process (Breve Gallery, 2017), Things evolve from nothing (Arterea, 2016), Missrepresentation (Educare, 1999). In 2016 I did my first public work The Game You Play (Guadalajara, 2016). Furthermore, i  participated  in  collective  exhibitions  like: Quetzalcoatl at Raul Anguiano Museum (2017), Indocumentados in Miami, USA (2017), YICCA 2014 in Lugano, Switzerland, LEVIATÁN (2014) at MURA museum, ACME Berlin 37 at Galeria MARSO Mexico city, Tinnitus y Fosfenos at Zapopan Art Museum, among others. I´ve worked at Jose Dávila´s and Gonzalo Lebrija´s studio, I currently work at Bosco Sodi´s studio in Mexico City. I  also the co-direct  Salón ACME and BASE proyectos. I collaborated at OPA (Oficina Para Proyectos de Arte) during Marcel Dzama, Carlos Amorales and Kendell Geers shows (2008).


2021 - Otra Vez - Ladera Oeste curated by Geovana Ibarra, Guadalajara, MX
2021 - Aire Libre - Public space exhibition, Guadalajara, MX
2020 - Coludes y Rabones - Sssoporte - Proyecto Arte, Guadalajara, MX
2020 - Otro Trabajo, Otro Trabaja - Espacio Cabeza, Guadalajara, MX
2020 - No Name - Museo Nacional de Arte, MUNAL, Mexico City, MX
2020 - Instantánea - Antigua fábrica de Kodak, Guadalajara, MX
2019 - Consecuencias un juego de palabras - White Cremnitz Gallery, Mexico City, MX
2019 - Punta Mita - Nayarit, MX
2019 - Bodega ACME - Mexico City, MX
2019 - Portátil - Chiuahua, Mexico, MX
2018 - No Name - Museo Nacional de San Carlos, Mexico City, MX
2018 - Mártires de la Conquista - Mexico City, MX
2018 - Bodega ACME - Mexico City, MX
2017 - Quetzalcoátl - Curated by Jorge Tejeda, Raúl Anguiano Museum, Guadalajara, MX
2017 - Bodega ACME - Mexico City, MX
2017 - Sculpture as a Process - Galeria Breve, Mexico City, MX
2016 - Indocumentados - Miami, US
2016 - Arte para la ciudad - Barranca de Huentitán, Jalisco, Mexico, MX
2016 - Las cosas evolucionan hacia o desde la nada - Artere-a Project, Guadalajara, MX
2016 - Atlas Sobre Papel - Páramo Gallery, Guadalajara, MX
2015 - Perpetua - Guadalajara, MX
2015 - PUM - New York, US
2015 - The Future is Unwritten - Imago Mundi - Luciano Benetton, Venice, IT
2014 - YICCA 2014 - Synergia Foundation, Lugano, SWI
2014 - Arte Vivo - Museo de Arte Moderno, México, MX
2014 - This Event May Be Occurring In Another Context - La Fabrica Gallery,
New York, US
2014 - Wythe Hotel - New York, US
2014 - Leviatán - Curated by Jorge Tejeda, Museo de Arte Raul Anguiano,                     Guadalajara, MX
2013 - ACME Berlín 37 – MARSO Gallery, Mexico City, MX
2013 - NOWHERE IS ALSO HERE – Guadalajara, Mexico, MX
2013 - TINITUS Y FOSFENOS - Museo de arte de Zapopan (MAZ), Curated by Carlos Ashida, Geovana Ibarra, María Álvarez del Castillo, Museo de Arte Zapopan MAZ.           Guadalajara, México, MX
2012 - 1M2 – Feria de arte joven, Guadalajara, MX
2001 - FUME- Guadalajara, MX
1999 - DOMESTICA- Guadalajara, MX
1998 - Misrepresentation- Guadalajara, MX


BFA in Mass Comunications - (ITESO) Instituto Tecnológico de Occidente (2004-2009), Creative Projects, NODE - Madrid, (2015), Editorial Art, NODE - Berlín, (2015), Ceramics at Adrián Guerrero - Guadalajara, México (2009 – 2011), Metal Sculpture - Edmonton University, Canadá (2004).


2019 - There is no past, no future, Ondalinda Careyes art space curated by Sebastian Vizcaino, Careyes, MX

SALÓN ACME – Founder and Co-director 2013 - Present
BASE proyectos - Founder and Co-director 2013 - Present

OPA- Oficina para Proyectos de Arte (2007-2008)

• Installation shows by: Marcel Dzama, Carlos Amorales, Kendell Geers, Jose Dávila, Gonzalo Lebrija and Bosco Sodi.
• Studio manager for artists Jose Dávila and Gonzalo Lebrija,  Bosco Sodi studio, currently at Tatiana Bilbao Estudio.


Mexico: The Future is Unwritten - Imago Mundi


Luciano Benetton Collection


Selected work for Young International Contest of Contemporary Art, Synergia Foundtion, Switzerland.