The media are not toys… they can be entrusted only to new artists, because they are art forms.
(McLuhan, 1954)


ACME Brooklyn is an art project that aims to display the artistic production of a specific context. On this occasion, a group of artists from the emerging and stablished art scenes of Mexico and New York are invited to produce and generate a piece for different exhibition spaces: a warehouse, an old textile factory (now turned hotel), and a movie theater.

Within this communal ground, the dialogue and cultural exchange between the participating artists becomes the subject of the project.

ACME Brooklyn is a project created by BASE proyectos, Archipiélago, Mezcal UNIÓN and La Fabrica Gallery.


Adrián S. Bará . Alberto López Corcuera . Alejandro Palomino . Alvaro Ugarte . Amaury Vergara
Andrés Padilla . Ary Ehrenberg . Bill Abdale . Champion . Christian Calabro . Claudia Peña
Cleon Peterson. Cristina Tamez . Dakota Sica . Dalia Huerta Cano . Daniel Monroy
Eduardo Villanueva Enrique Santos . Federico Martínez . Federico Pérez Villoro . Federico Saenz
Ian Berry . Juan Zuñiga Karian Amaya . Lorena Mal . Lotta Mattila . Marina Silva . Mario Navarro Mónica Escutia . Pablo Dávila . Rodrigo Imaz . Santiago Merino . Scotty Albrecht
Sebastián Vizcaíno . Varenka Ruiz . Zazil Barba